Open Access Journals

Science is a public enterprise and, for the most part, those conducting research have no financial interest in the publication of their work. They submit their research to peer-reviewed journal for the sole purpose of disseminating their findings to the public arena that science requires. So why do publishers of scholarly journals require typically high costs for subscriptions to these journals? This is a question that Open Access tries to answer. Open Access argues that since universities and granting bodies have already paid for the research to be conducted, universities and end users should not have to pay again for access to knowledge through subscriptions and user fees.

The American Psychological Association, the publisher of many psychology journals, levies very high fees to libraries and end users for access to psychological research. I am not aware, at this time, of any plans for changes to the APA’s policy, which surely must be a very sizable income for an association whose past president, George Miller, admonished us to “give psychology away”. Apparently, this was interpreted as, “give it away yes, but make sure you get paid well!”

I have included here the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), a repository of peer-reviewed journals that include links to full-text articles online.

~ by barrycull on September 26, 2008.

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